As an ex-NYC teacher, I understand the unique stresses that teachers are faced with. That is why many of my patients are teachers. We all know the job of a teacher is demanding, yet so few teachers give themselves adequate care, leading to burn out.

If you're feeling burnt out, if you're dreading the start of the school year, or just having a hard time with work/life balance, give me a call. Together we can sort through the stresses you're burdened by, and allow you to be the best teacher you can be.


​Zachary Alti

     Zachary Alti is a psychotherapist in private practice, working out of midtown Manhattan in New York. He presents to universities, professional conferences, and corporations. He has taught at Rutgers University and Fordham’s Graduate School of Social Service. Zachary has also served as the founding editor-in-chief of the 21st Century Social Justice Journal, and is currently on the advisory board of the Be-The-Evidence project.

     Zachary works with couples, adults, adolescents, therapists, and organizations. He provides therapist and corporate trainings.

     Zachary’s professional interests include eclectic research and bridging the gap between the benefits of private therapy and large scale community needs. 

     Zachary comes from an eclectic work background, having taught at every level of education, from elementary to Graduate School. He also has a background as an NASM-trained personal trainer, beginning his career under the tutelage of David Barton, and incorporates holistic principles of physical health science into his therapeutic work.


​​Zachary Alti, LCSW

Relationship Issues, Personal Growth, Child Issues, Insomnia, Autism

Treatment in Manhattan

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