​​Zachary Alti, LCSW

Relationship Issues, Personal Growth, Child Issues, Insomnia, Autism

Treatment in Manhattan

We are becoming increasingly aware of the influence of autism on our children. People who were once mocked by 80's and 90's sitcoms like Saved By The Bell as nerds and spazzes are being recognized as a necessary and important sector of our community. Autism represents a different expression of the human brain than the "neurotypical brain."

People on the autism end of the neurodiveristy spectrum interpret the world through an informational language, rather than a socio-emotional one. In an increasingly informational age, it wouldn't be extreme to suggest that the trend of autism is a natural aspect of human evolution.

Technological advancement and complex societal structures thrive from the contributions of people on the autistic end of the spectrum. In fact, Chase bank has begun an Autism at Work program, noting that the work environment at Chase will nurture the unique talents and needs or autistic individuals, rather than ignore their unique and valuable contributions as many other work environments do.

In my work with clients on the autism spectrum, we translate the socio-emotional language of the world around into an informational language they can access. We navigate situational misunderstandings and work towards independence.