​​Zachary Alti, LCSW

Relationship Issues, Personal Growth, Child Issues, Insomnia, Autism

Treatment in Manhattan

In our digital age, Insomnia is a problem which has touched the lives of all of us to varying degrees.

You may be asking, how does one unplug from the stresses and stimulation of the day so that they can enter a restful, undisturbed sleep at night? How does shift work affect normal sleep? How do our electronic devices and sleep environment interfere with sleep quality? When are insomnia issues physical in nature, such as in the case of sleep apnea and hypertension, and when are the causes psychological? More importantly, how do these overlap?

After undergoing a snoreplasty myself for sleep issues that were an enigma to the most prestigious sleep doctors in New York City, it became obvious to me that the medical profession is sorely lacking in understanding about the causes and treatments for insomnia. I engaged in tireless research into the causes and treatments of a variety of sleep issues, and found that the answers to many sleep problems were fairly obvious, but required follow up, which our medical model does not handle very well.

In my work with clients, we quickly ascertain the most likely causes of sleep disturbance, and determine whether medical referral is needed or if the problems can be addressed behaviorally.

My work on insomnia is influenced most by the work of Rubin Naiman.