​​Zachary Alti, LCSW

​Guiding you toward optimization in relationships, performance, and career

In my practice we view addiction and peak performance as two ends on a spectrum of limiting beliefs.

      Addiction <----------------------------------> Peak Performance
(limiting beliefs)

Behavioral Addictions (pornography, social media, gaming, gambling) are on the rise globally. Addiction is an ineffective solution to a limiting belief. The limiting belief is usually the result of emotional trauma, and the last thing you should do is feel guilty about having these beliefs. We all do. guilt and shame are fuel for limiting beliefs.

What we can do is unravel these beliefs, find the benefit they're providing for us, and find a healthy way to get the same benefit.

Processing limiting beliefs that have become so engrained that an addiction has developed is long-term work. IT will take years, but the work is very simple. Simple does not mean easy or painless.

Why would we put ourselves through that? 

Peak performance is the outcome when we process our limiting beliefs and free ourselves of them. Peak performance in your relationships, sex life, sports, business, or any area that you want to excel in.

Peak performance means that you will be living life the way you want to, free from should.

I enjoy working with clients along every point of the spectrum and seeing them reach peak performance and satisfaction in their lives.