​​Zachary Alti, LCSW

Relationship Issues, Personal Growth, Child Issues, Insomnia, Autism

Treatment in Manhattan

Relationships are essential to human wellbeing, whether we like it or not. As an introvert myself, learning how to be a healthy and happy member of a marriage was far from easy.

Through my years of work with straight and gay couples in New York City, I have helped many relationships to flourish, including those that were thought to be unsalvageable.

I've also helped couples decide whether or not they want to continue as a couple or split. This is called discernment counseling, and is very short-term, typically 1-3 sessions.

Every relationship has its own culture. Many couples run into trouble when they simply try to adopt their understanding of traditional relationship culture, or cultures they have seen represented in traditional or social media. I am invigorated in my work, helping clients to construct a culture that works best for them.

I love working with all relationship types, but have found a particular preference for working with gay male couples. Without traditional gender roles imposed on each member of the relationship, and with an emotional awareness uncommon to most straight men, the relationship culture tends to be more malleable, and these clients tend to see progress much more rapidly than straight couples.

My relationship work is most influenced by the work of Terry Real and Esther Perel.