​​Zachary Alti, LCSW

​Guiding you toward optimization in relationships, performance, and career

Human connection is as powerful a tool in personal health as diet, sleep, or exercise, and stands out from these important factors of a healthy lifestyle by not only increasing our personal states of health, but also the health of our communities.

If you don’t believe me, read chapter one of Malcolm Gladwell’s 2008 breakout book ‘Outliers.’

I’m an introvert. I don’t like dancing in front of other people, I don’t like making eye contact, I don’t like small talk.

I did not get into the movement and somatic sector of mental health out of personal preference, but rather because I’ve experienced the healing power of these techniques despite my preferences.

Join me for one of my somatic workshops where we will apply principles I have learned as a licensed clinical social worker, over a decade as a National Association of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, and as a student of holistic health, yoga, tai chi, Qigong, meditation, mindfulness, movement, and somatic therapies for over 15 years.

This workshop will use elements of expressive dance designed for every ability and comfort level.

We will use interpersonal exercises designed to allow compassion and connection between perfect strangers as well as close friends.