​​Zachary Alti, LCSW, C-SSW

​Guiding you toward optimization in relationships, performance, and career

With a lifelong pursuit of personal excellence I've spent thousands of hours researching the best practices for physical and mental health, as well as peak performance.

With a background as a Coach, Board Licensed Psychotherapist, graduate school professor, Teacher, Certified school social worker, and National Association of Sports Medicine-Certified personal trainer, I have been helping clients cultivate peak performance for over ten years. I have worked with Schools, universities, Corporations and individuals to create holistic health and peak performance programs suited to every age and ability level. 

Some of the concepts I teach are new and cutting edge, drawn from recent publications in the scientific literature. Some of what I teach is as old as humanity, drawn from the cultural wisdom of our ancestors. All of the concepts new and old require discipline to implement, and it is calibration of that discipline that I work with most in my clients.

I'm motivated by the potential I've seen achieved in past clients, and feel my gifts are truly being utilized when I see clients reach new levels of performance and wellbeing.