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Zachary Alti offers presentations on productivity/efficiency, lifestyle calibration, Relationship enhancement, ADHD management, problematic pornography usage, and mental health maintenance.

Some Popular Presentations

Fight Less, F*ck More

Research-based strategies for decreasing conflict and increasing libido in monogamous, poly, and non-binary relationships.

Balance, Exert, Recover

Learning the cycle for wellbeing and success.

Developing your Ubermensch Lifestyle

Lifestyle determines health, mindset, and productivity. This workshop offers strategies for increasing physical and emotional wellbeing, focus, and efficiency. Strategies are custom-tailored to each participant, making the changes sustainable. 

iPorn: Addiction in the Age of the Smartphone

This workshop gives a review of the research and current trends in pornography "addiction," explores why the term "addiction" may no longer be helpful in understanding problematic behaviors, and discusses skills for overcoming problematic pornography usage when access is as close as the phone in your pocket.

Custom-Tailored Presentations/Workshops

Zachary also offers Presentations and workshops on requested topics that fall within his scope of expertise.

Common topics include:​

  • Strategies for bringing your workforce productivity to the next level

  • Increasing workforce efficiency

  • Improving Communication in Romantic Relationships

  • Strategies for ADHD Management

  • Overcoming Problematic Pornography Usage

  • Creating environments and lifestyle for maintaining mental health

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